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There are countless ways for musicians to be inspired continually, as long as they are willing to put in the work. Many people may not have any musical talents but they still continue to write and perform their own music. Musicians like to keep trying new styles and techniques. For example, you can keep writing new songs every time you walk down a street or ride in a car. This will make you a more creative person and your inspiration will just keep growing.

Other people may have some talents other than music. For example, you can be very talented at drawing, writing, or arts and crafts. If you are a good painter, you can draw inspiration from real life situations and subjects. Getting inspired by different situations is a great way for you to keep your creativity going.

People need different things to keep their minds active. Some people need a good workout while others need to learn a new hobby. Others may simply want to take a break from their regular life to get inspired and write their music. Whatever it is that you need to do to stay inspired, you can do it if you just find what inspires you. Just being aware of what inspires you in your daily life is going to help you continue to be inspired constantly.

Some people may simply be too busy with their lives to ever have an inspirational moment. Some people need a break from their normal routine to get inspired. You don’t necessarily have to give up your normal routines in order to be inspired. Just getting out of your house and going for a walk, having a cup of tea, or sitting at a park bench can be very motivating. Getting out of the house and doing something different will help you get your mind away from the stressors in your life and will give it something else to focus on.

Musicians have to deal with a lot of different situations throughout their careers. They may be faced with rejections from labels or someone losing interest in their music. They may be faced with problems in their home life or friendships. All of these situations can be very draining to musicians, but they all serve a purpose for keeping them inspired. If they were not able to face these situations, then they would lose their drive to keep up their music.

Having different mentors in life can be beneficial as well. Many times people need someone to bounce ideas off of when they are having a hard time making a decision or coming up with something new. Sometimes people need to talk to someone about their day or how their day went. Having someone to talk to who understands what you are going through will help you tremendously in these situations. Having a mentor will keep you in situations where you might feel discouraged to try because they will point out the positive things that can happen if you just keep trying.

Being inspired constantly has different benefits for different people. Some people might think that it is selfish of musicians to be doing this, but it helps keep their motivation going. Others may not think that it is selfish, but it is a necessity for some people. Knowing how to inspire others to keep going when times get tough, will be very beneficial in the long run and will help you achieve your goals.


It is mind-blowing to know that professional musicians spend approximately 1-8 hours every day in the studios, either writing or recording their music. Thus, makes it imperative for them to have an exercise plan that would keep them away from life-threatening conditions such as heart failure, hypertension as well as many others. A sedentary lifestyle has shown to lead to obesity, a state that predisposes you to many health conditions.

It is a common thing for the musicians, therefore, to forget their need for fitness and lose their focus on developing musical skills and music production. As a musician, you need both physical and vocal training and that they should go hand in hand. Daily artistic practice is essential as it brings about repetition and therefore enables you to remember.

Why do you need to exercise?

• The ability to move safely and maintain different posture both in ordinary life and on stage requires a high degree of fitness, which is achieved through exercise. It also goes a long way to promote steadiness.
• An active range of motion of joints and, thus, of all the body parts is achieved by frequent exercising. Exercise also enables your bones to build a capacity to be able to make the recommended motion.
• You would not help but note the importance of a healthy heart in music. Proper cardiovascular function promotes endurance, especially in live music presentation or the recording. A healthy heart t achieved through exercise is paramount for a musician.
• Exercise also helps one get a hold of continuous muscle growth both in strength and endurance in physical performance.
• The quickness and dexterity of movements, which is essential in the music field, also comes with hours of physical training. Steadiness in making these motions is as well enhanced by physical exercise.

Errors musicians frequently make:

• One or more musicians find themselves choosing exercises that negatively affect their music careers. A good example would be a musician wanting to cycle for several hours a week; this would, in one way or another, affect their ability to play musical instruments such as the saxophone.
• A musician must identify an exercise regime that is more holistic to one that only focuses on one area of the body. For example, it would be more practical to perform a little weight lifting, treadmill, and a couple of others other than just weight lifting.
• Many musicians pop into exercising before getting quality help or advice from a qualified medical practitioner. To avoid getting into more complex health problems, it is crucial to get a go-ahead from a medical practitioner.
• Consistency is also a missing factor in musicians due to their ever-tight schedules, either performing in another state or attending an evening corporate function. Exercise also requires that you don’t skip more than two days.

What are the best exercises for a musician?

  • Jogging
  • Stretching the wrist and finger joints
  • Flexing and extending the elbow
  • Riding a bike
  • Skipping on a rope, among many others.

How can you make more time for exercise?

You may consider jogging to the studio and back, a weight lifting session in the non-busy evenings. It is also advisable to keep well hydrated in between the exercise sessions. A proper diet also goes a long way in enhancing good body growth and response to exercise.


Learning to play the guitar is one of the most fulfilling lessons a budding musician can achieve. The guitar is widely used to play and make music. It is also one of the oldest musical instruments that ever existed.

Playing the guitar is a skill that anyone can learn. It requires patience and passion. Upon learning how to play, making music on a guitar is not difficult. You may not write good music at your first attempt and therefore, there is no need to feel intimidated by the kind of music you listen to in the airwaves. Many songs that do not make it to the airwaves because of their quality. Just like any other art, you have to learn how to practice until you become perfect at the art.

Listed below is a summary of the 5 steps to follow:

Step 1:

The first step is to determine the kind of songs you like and why you find them so good. Once you identify the song, you should determine what role the guitar plays in the song. The guitar can be solo or as a support to the piano or vocal chord. If the song has a chorus, it will be much easier for you to learn the guitar as opposed to a song without a chorus.

Step 2:

The second step is to decide the effect that you want the guitar to bring into the music. If you want the music to be slower or faster, this is the opportunity to make that decision. As a start, you should only work with music that you know and can at least sing through.

Step 3:

Many songs are held together by the chord progression. At this stage, you will determine the modulation of the song. For instance, whether it goes up and any point by a whole step of A to B major and say back to the A Major. Once you recognize these facts, you can then proceed to mark them in your written notes.

Step 4:

Create a song title and write down all the thoughts and suggestions you may have. Try out different variations of areas where you think there should be a change. At this stage, do not be in a hurry to finish as it can take much of your time before you have everything in place. Do not be too hard on yourself if you take too long to finish. Sometimes ideas come after a long process of thought. Whenever possible, carry your guitar with you in your free time, a phone and a paper to write down your thoughts.

Step 5:

This is the stage when you now share your work with a colleague or music teacher for them to listen, enjoy, make changes, critique and recommend additions. You cannot work alone on such a project. To produce the best work its good if you work with others.

In conclusion, writing a song through the guitar puts joy and satisfaction to your heart. It brings happiness and life to the world around you. Music produced by the guitar evokes emotions that can last lifetimes. Some of the greatest music ever produced was through the guitar. It is, therefore, a worthwhile thing to learn.


It doesn’t matter if we’re regular folks or music junkies, when we listen to music, we inevitably feel something. Some might argue that these feelings derive from the quality of the sound we’re perceiving. The experience is enhanced when we’re able to listen to every little detail both musicians and sound engineers put into their work. Regardless of the sheer quality of what’s being played, a question might arise: Should you listen to music with headphones or speakers? Which one is better? In this article, we will take into account some factors regarding how people enjoy music better and, depending on where you see yourself, you will be able to take a better decision in your next purchase.

Does Size Matter?

If what we’re looking for (or, listening for?) in an audio experience is feeling immersed in the environment created by what’s being played, speakers are undoubtedly better. The multiple ways you can configure speakers in relation to a room to achieve true stereo and surround quality make them the winners over headphones. However, if space is a concern for you, headphones sometimes can be better than small and portable speakers; most modern headphones enclose the sound and are able to pick up details better than small, cheap speakers.

About Portability

If what you want from an audio set is being able to listen to your music anywhere, headphones might be the right thing for you. However, you might also consider using portable speakers, since carrying a big speaker set, woofers/subwoofers and everything included is just illogical. Some headphones can even act as portable, small speakers. But, since carrying portable speakers is not precisely good etiquette everywhere, that leads us to another topic.

Do You Want to Share Your Sound?

If you want to keep your music just to yourself, considering headphones over speakers is an easier and more affordable option than having to soundproof the walls in and around a room with your speakers. On the contrary, if you want to share your music with a partner or a crowd, speakers are what you’re looking for. Just be mindful of where you are, as well: if you decide to carry potable speakers, make sure they’re off in enclosed, public spaces, such as the metro or a bus; and at an appropriate volume level.

If Budget is a Concern

Maybe headphones are a better fit for you. Speakers tend to be several times more expensive than headphones; while you may get a very good set of headphones by a couple bucks shy from a $100 bill, a good speaker setup from any recognizable brand might be three to four times that value. If we take it to the extremes, the best set of headphones money can buy is around the $5000 mark. If we were to say that about speakers, though, well… With so many setups and taking every room configuration possible, the sky is the limit. YOu could spend tens and hundreds of thousands looking for the best experience and still want to go for that extra oomph a new element in your setup might give you.

The Noise Out There

NO matter how much you might spend on either option, external noise is always going to interfere with your experience. To this particular, speakers might be better since even the best noise-cancelling headphones let through low-frequency sounds such as the roar of car engines, trains and airplanes passing by. Because of this, a well-installed set of speakers in the comfort and quiet of your home might be a better option.