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Christmas is fast approaching and as such it would be the perfect time to know what you can give to dog-loving musicians. One nice idea would be a way for them to plan out scheduled meals for their dog that would happen throughout the day. Another one would be a customized shirt of the musician’s dog playing music or listening to music on the shirt. The musician would surely wear a shirt whenever he or she would play for gigs. It goes to say how much the musician loves the dog so much. Yes, it is one of those tests when you will see the musician wearing a shirt 0f the dog and there can even be times when the musician would talk about the dog and even dedicate a song to the pet. It is such a nice gesture which means the dog can even make an appearance at the musician’s gigs providing dogs are allowed in those places. If the musician is a huge draw, then the owner of the place can allow musicians to bring their dogs whenever the person wants to as long as the poop is cleaned and the dog wears a diaper. There should also be someone watching the dog during the gig.

Another awesome gift to give the dog-owning musician would be a pet picture frame where the musician could put a picture of the dog in it. Of course, the dog’s picture could be there when the musician is out for concerts and he or she can’t bring the dog along. It would be separation anxiety and you can cure that by having a picture of the dog with the person. It would be a different story when you have a picture of the dog on a picture frame and one on your mobile phone. The more there are, the better it would be for everyone involved. Another gift for the musician would be doggie treats for the dog as that would mean more bonding sessions for the musician and his or her dog. It would feel great for the musician to bring along the dog to walks during free time and give the dog a ton of nice treats. When that happens, you know dogs will also have a nice Christmas. Just like they say, it is the happiest time of the year. Thus, not only humans should enjoy it but their pets too. When pet owners see their pets are extremely happy, that also means they are happy too. It won’t be long before you would want to dress up your pet in a Santa outfit when visitors come in for the Holidays for a nice Christmas carol singing with a ton of special people singing their hearts out.


One of the dreams of many people is to have a cozy little living room, where a fireplace will adorn the beauty of the room. It’s not only for the beautification but for the warmth it will give. For musicians, as they have their music studios, require a place that will keep them warm while they practice.

A fireplace can help in this case, but is an actual fire and wood will assist them? This is to be noted because, a room full of wires, and musical instruments are prone to fire hazards and accidents than anything else. So, it’s better to have an electric fireplace. Here, check out the reasons to have one in your music studio.


With an electric fireplace, there is no need for real flames, as the room will heat up with electricity. You must have so many cords laying around, and expensive musical instruments. So, to keep those safe, and prevent any kind of accident, it’s better to install an electric fireplace. Also, the room will be free from gas, or ashes so the area will be clean, and you will get the warmth on winter days.


If you are thinking of having a real fireplace, you have to go through too much hassle with that. The first thing that will come is the maintenance part. The ashes will store in the chimney, and the room will get dirty. You have to clean the room and the chimney from time to time. This can be a difficult task, and for it, you have to hire help. But with an electric fireplace, you won’t have to face such things. There will be no smoke, fumes, or ashes to pile up. You won’t even have to worry about maintaining the fireplace, and you can concentrate on your music.


Not every home is suitable to have a fireplace, and if you still want to have in your home, you have to spend more bucks. In the case of an electric fireplace, you can save a lot of money, and it can be installed in any type of home. Also, you can get a fireplace based on its heating technique, and the price will vary upon that. Moreover, you can always find an electric fireplace within your budget.


Electric fireplaces are energy efficient. You will not see the drastic enhancement in the power bills. You will get different types of heaters that lower energy usage and thus you don’t have to pay a huge amount for electricity.


When you use an electric fireplace, you will get a long-time service. As you don’t have to worry about cutting logs, or fumes, you will get better service from the fireplace. These do not get issues such as rust or corrosion, so it will always look like the new one.


Electric fireplaces are very easy to install, as they can be installed in any type of home. You can hang the fireplace on the wall so that you can save the floor space. All you have to take care of the plugins.

When you go for an electric fireplace for your music studio, you make a safe and wise decision. Not only you prevent any kind of accident or damage to your musical instruments, but you get plenty of designs on electric fireplaces.


Should you get a dog if you are a traveling musician? Why not? Dogs are great travel companions. Now having said that, there are some things that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to take your furry friend on a tour. The tips below will help you cope. These apply whether you are touring in a car, van, bus, or private plane.

Stick to a regular schedule, if possible

When you are on a tour, schedules can be erratic. There are many unexpected things that you need to take care of. But no matter how irregular your schedule is on the road, you need to try to put a semblance of regularity to it if you have a dog. This is because dogs thrive on routine. For example, try to have a regular schedule when it comes to necessary activities such as eating or taking your dog out for a walk. Keeping a regular schedule is good for you too and your bandmates. It can help you keep your sanity while on tour.

Make sure that your accommodations are dog-friendly

If you are on tour, then you will probably spend a lot of nights on a bus. But on-time that you need to spend more than one night in a certain city, then you need to book a hotel or Airbnb. Make sure that your accommodation is pet-friendly. Usually, this information is available on the hotel’s website or on the host information on Airbnb. If you are staying in a friend’s place, you need to inform your friend beforehand that you have your dog with you and ask if it is ok for a pet to come with you.

Make sure you have everything your pet needs

If you are anticipating being on the road for a long time, then you need to make sure that you have everything your dog needs with you. These include food, water, treats, pee pads, toys, leash, poop bags, etc. While you may not like the idea of a bark collar, it’s probably a good idea to have one on hand just in case your dog has an episode while you’re in a hotel. You can find humane options for bark collars these days, and you’ll only need to use it when necessary. You also need to make sure that you have a heavy-duty crate with you, one that is really designed for traveling. It is tempting to buy a cheap crate to save money cheap crates are usually not durable. What will you do when the crate breaks while you are on the road? So try to invest a little on a good crate that will last.

Keep your dog safe

Safety should be your number one concern when you are touring with your dog. When you are on tour, it is impossible to always look after your dog. So whenever you are performing or on a rehearsal, make sure that someone is keeping an eye on your buddy. If you have traveling by car, do not leave your dog inside the car for a long time. And if you do need to go out for a bit, make sure that the air conditioning is on.

Touring with a dog can be quite a challenge but it can also be fun. Just follow the above tips to make it a good experience for you and your dog.


It is mind-blowing to know that professional musicians spend approximately 1-8 hours every day in the studios, either writing or recording their music. Thus, makes it imperative for them to have an exercise plan that would keep them away from life-threatening conditions such as heart failure, hypertension as well as many others. A sedentary lifestyle has shown to lead to obesity, a state that predisposes you to many health conditions.

It is a common thing for the musicians, therefore, to forget their need for fitness and lose their focus on developing musical skills and music production. As a musician, you need both physical and vocal training and that they should go hand in hand. Daily artistic practice is essential as it brings about repetition and therefore enables you to remember.

Why do you need to exercise?

• The ability to move safely and maintain different posture both in ordinary life and on stage requires a high degree of fitness, which is achieved through exercise. It also goes a long way to promote steadiness.
• An active range of motion of joints and, thus, of all the body parts is achieved by frequent exercising. Exercise also enables your bones to build a capacity to be able to make the recommended motion.
• You would not help but note the importance of a healthy heart in music. Proper cardiovascular function promotes endurance, especially in live music presentation or the recording. A healthy heart t achieved through exercise is paramount for a musician.
• Exercise also helps one get a hold of continuous muscle growth both in strength and endurance in physical performance.
• The quickness and dexterity of movements, which is essential in the music field, also comes with hours of physical training. Steadiness in making these motions is as well enhanced by physical exercise.

Errors musicians frequently make:

• One or more musicians find themselves choosing exercises that negatively affect their music careers. A good example would be a musician wanting to cycle for several hours a week; this would, in one way or another, affect their ability to play musical instruments such as the saxophone.
• A musician must identify an exercise regime that is more holistic to one that only focuses on one area of the body. For example, it would be more practical to perform a little weight lifting, treadmill, and a couple of others other than just weight lifting.
• Many musicians pop into exercising before getting quality help or advice from a qualified medical practitioner. To avoid getting into more complex health problems, it is crucial to get a go-ahead from a medical practitioner.
• Consistency is also a missing factor in musicians due to their ever-tight schedules, either performing in another state or attending an evening corporate function. Exercise also requires that you don’t skip more than two days.

What are the best exercises for a musician?

  • Jogging
  • Stretching the wrist and finger joints
  • Flexing and extending the elbow
  • Riding a bike
  • Skipping on a rope, among many others.

How can you make more time for exercise?

You may consider jogging to the studio and back, a weight lifting session in the non-busy evenings. It is also advisable to keep well hydrated in between the exercise sessions. A proper diet also goes a long way in enhancing good body growth and response to exercise.